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Tears For Fears, Friday Tunes Turning Butterfly.

It has been a rough stressful week in my life or maybe in the world space in general.  We are into Fall, the last complete season of the year, 2016. My life has been is a constant battle for sustaining life functions. I am comparing it the cycle of the butterfly’s transformation or change in shape, called metamorphosis.

Will there ever be peace for humanity? Miracles occur 24/7! Calling all Angels!






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The Beauty Of Nature: Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly.

I was tending to my garden this morning, the flower pots. Giving them a spray of water to freshen up their beauty.

I saw a butterfly, ran in my home, grabbed the camera and started clicking until it flew away.

Looked up the species, Limenitis arthemis astyanax, or red-spotted purple butterfly. These photos were taken in South Jersey.

It is the tiny little things in life that brings happiness to daily living.

Butterflies of Mexico, USA & Canada, Red-spotted Purple



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