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Hit songs from 198o’s- 90’s.

The 80’s, in this blogger opinion was the best decade in the music industry.



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New Year’s Eve 2015.

May we ask for God’s Blessing in the New Year.

Almighty God, As we are on the brink of a brand New Year, we thank you for all the blessings you have given us this year.

We ask that in the New Year you will Guide us in our Choices and Decision Making so that we will choose wisely with the Help of Your Holy Spirit. Help us to acknowledge you in everything we do and then we will succeed in our Plans. Help us to Delight ourselves in you and you will give us the Desires of our Heart! Help us to Love, show compassion and help others as your Son did. We thank you for the Gift of Jesus and for His life given for our Eternal Salvation and Freedom.  Please give our bodies Health to be able to minister Your Word. In This I pray, Amen



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Toy F-16 Jet Plays Islamic Haaj Prayer Not Jet Noises, Amazon?

This is in AmericaA child’s present this Christmas, a toy that chants Muslim prayer spoken during pilgrimages to Mecca, instead of jet noises.  I feel for the parents of this child. Stop the madness.

Oh it is a Toy company WolVol is blaming its China-based manufacturer for the defect, saying they produced a faulty batch of the toys.

Amazon, F16 Military Fighter Jet Bump & Go Action Airplane Toy with Flashing Lights & Sounds


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Restaurant Ice Machines Contain More Bacteria Than Toilet Water, Study States.

I never get ice in any of my drinks, or water when I am away from home.

Via Grub Street

Sample from ten fast-food franchises — McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks among them — and determined that in six out of ten locations, those innocuous-seeming cubes contained higher levels of bacteria than the water samples taken from toilet bowls at the same establishments.

Fast-Food Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water


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Raccoon Steals Donut From Coffee Shop In Toronto, Canada.

I had to find out where this Coffee Shop was.  Twitter states it was from Tim Horton’s.

Diseases That Raccoons Can Spread to Humans

Raccoons and Public Health

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