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Cool horror videos, extremely scary ghost elevator prank in Brazil. Check the video out!


They got to do this in America.

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Empire State Building LED Light Show & Alicia Keys November 26, 2012.  The world-famous Empire State Building in collaboration with Grammy Award winner, Alicia Keys, gave a gift to New York City and the world by revealing ESB’s new Philips Color Kinetics LEDs tower lights with a first-ever light show on the Landmark.

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At a Press Briefing today, at The White House: We’re Not Concerned About Possibly Misleading American People About Benghazi, Libya.

Who changed the Benghazi talking points?

In case you missed Rice’s declaration of her allegiance to her boss Obama, the video is below.

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Obama in Pee Pee auction cancelled on eBay.  #ObamaInPeePee But you can still place your bid by e-mailing ObamaPeePee@glennbeck.com.

The proceeds are to benefit Mercury One and their Hope for the Holidays fund.

eBay pulls Glenn Beck’s ‘Obama in Pee Pee’ jar after bids rise to $11,300

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AIDS activists, ACT UP, naked protest in Speaker John Boehner’s office. Naked protesters inside the office of Speaker of the House, Rep.John Boehner. AIDS activists get naked to campaign against “fiscal cliff” budget cuts that they say will severely affect HIV/AIDS-funding. Over $1.2 billion in cuts to the federal budget that would go into effect under sequestration is the reason why they stormed his office.

Three arrested as naked protesters storm Boehner’s office over budget cuts

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