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Brian Westbrook Enters Eagles Hall Of Fame.

Westbrooke stated,

When I have people come up to me now and rattle off my stats and say they watched me when they were younger, it still amazes me just a bit, because I don’t look at myself that way. I look at myself as just another guy who worked hard at his job, grinded, and good things happen when you work hard.  I never really thought about it. I’ve seen guys like Brian Dawkins and Donovan McNabb who carried this team for so long get inducted into the Hall of Fame and having their numbers retired. I never really knew if I was going to get the opportunity, but my day came and it’s a blessing. When Mr. Lurie called me, he said ‘we couldn’t have chosen a better game to induct you into the Hall of Fame then when we play against the Giants,’ He took so much pride in playing well against those guys. For me it was a great matchup; a great opportunity to show people close to what we could do and what I could do as a player. But it’s kind of fitting that I’ll go into the Hall of Fame against the Giants.”

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