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Obama Administration Permitted Syrian Refugees, 96% Muslim.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees  are the ones the determine or help in the vetting process.

In September Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee introduced a bill,  Refugee Resettlement Oversight and Security Act.

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Glenn Beck discusses Agenda 21. Smart meters are a surveillance  in Texas. Sensitive lands are designated government restrictions on your property with no compensation. Individual rights are under a threat with United Nations Agenda 21.

I wrote extensively on another blog about this subject.

What is Agenda 21

President Obama signed his 86th Executive Order 13575

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Obama addressed UN General Assembly, “Future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Is Obama referencing Mohammed? Did Obama admit and adhere to his new American foreign policy?

Is this against our First Amendment and Bill of Rights?

Wow, I am with Congressman Allen West on this one. “The future does not belong to those who attack our Embassies and Consulates and kill our Ambassadors, “The Angel of Death in the form of an American Bald Eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence.”

Dear God Help America, right here, right now.

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Barack and Michelle Obama will appear on “The View” in New York City on the shows “Red, White & View” series which is to tape Monday and air Tuesday September 25, 2012.

Obama isn’t meeting with other world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly, but is finding time to appear on the “View.”

Barbara Walters co- host of “The View” said in a statement,

We are honored to host President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. Although each of them has appeared several times on the program, this first joint appearance marks a significant milestone.”

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Obama quips on “The View:” I’m just “eye candy” Click Here

Obama’s  appearance on “The View,” in 2010, drew 6.5 million viewers. Click Here

President Obama, First Lady to Appear Together on ‘The View’ Click Here

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Soros supports UN control over gun ownership. Again Americans second Amendment rights to bear arms is being challenged At the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty being held in NYC July 2-27.   Soros through his left propaganda Media Matters organization, is unloading UN’s gun control into the MSM.

Johnson from Media Matters in his extensive blog post, promotes the passage of ATT, or the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty.

Just another global takeover from the George Soros socialist society.

Sign The Petition To Stop The US From Signing The Arms Trade Treaty Click Here

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