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Dirty Dancing – Hungry Eyes (with Lyrics of the Song) HQ.

I needed something happy to listen and watch today.

Patrick Swayze took my heart in the 80’s. God rest his soul.  I began my professional dance career in 1984. My friend Rex who was a master in Adagio, could give Swayze a run for the money though. Yes, Rex was that hot. Rex was the first ballet scholarship at the college of the Performing arts, Philadelphia, in the 1980’s. Rex was compared to Mikhail Baryshnikov.  I remember my first lift on the dance floor in Carney’s after the performance at Pulsations. ” Donna, just run to me, push-off, grab my wrists and arch.”  I replied, “Rex we are on the dance floor?”  Rex said, “Just do it.”  It was very easy as I did acrobatics and ballet as a young child.  My first bird was born. Yes, they do the same lift in the movie.

Then Rex and I took it to the shore in Longport, New Jersey.  I learned many lifts that he did with his sister Lori.

Yes, I did have the time of my life with Rex! That is another story yet to be told.

You can download the movie HERE!

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