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Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg works as taxi driver in Oslo to hear voters opinions, PR stunt?

I have been in Oslo Norway 6 times in the mid- late 80’s and early 90’s. I had friends from Norway.  We worked together on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  A matter of fact, I slept overnight in its airport waiting for an early flight back to Heathrow. I felt safe there, no need to get a hotel room.  They lock the doors and you store you luggage in a closet.  Sleep on the benches.  They give you a pillow. One time all air flight stopped as the King of Norway entered.  ( Sorry, I forget his name)

That was way before 9/11 and the Tower came down. That day the world changed forever. R.I.P. World Trade Center.

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Today, in preparation for the London Olympics, a taxi driver jumps off Tower Bridge in protest. The United Cabbies Group has  organized a protest because of 100 miles of restricted cab lanes, about one-third of their routes will affect two out of five cab drivers.

The man dove 25 feet from bridge to water without being harmed.  He was then arrested after he was pulled out of the river. A spokesperson from the Port of London Authority commented.

“This was an absolutely crazy thing to do. He could easily have killed himself.

I guess the big plunge made his statement.

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