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Olympians are sporting kinesio tape at the London 2012 sporting events in various shapes, sizes and colors. Otherwise known as kinesiology tape, it reduces pain by increasing blood flow and encouraging lymphatic drainage. It’s also intended to help the muscle work correctly after an injury.  Dr. Aaron Mares, an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at UPMC Sports Medicine and associate team physician for the University of Pittsburgh football team states,

It’s cotton tape that has some sort of adhesive that mimics elasticity of the skin,”

If it is an example of the placebo effect who cares, as long as it gives the athlete a competitive edge.

It was developed 30 years ago by Kenso Kase of Japan.

Nothing surprises me in this day and age of sports medicine.

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Usain Bolt, track and field star from Jamaica, stops an interview to stand in silence during USA National Anthem being played for Sanya Richards-Ross medal ceremony, London 2012.

Thank you sir for your respect. This has been the best Olympic moment in the games. This is what international competition is made of. Usain Bolt Is Still The Fastest Man Alive, Wins London Gold With New Olympic Record Of 9.63 Seconds Click Here

Respect, and dignity from another countries team member. I am so proud of this tribute to our country.

I got teary eyed. I wish everyone that is an American felt this pride in our Flag.

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US athletes complain about Olympics marketing rules. A group of US athletes have launched a campaign on Twitter against the International Olympic Committee‘s Rule 40, which prevents athletes from participating in sponsorship or advertising for the duration of the tournament.

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London Olympics: July 30. It’s an exciting day as swimming qualifying heats, men’s cycling, beach volleyball, with some high-profile team sports continuing their preliminary rounds and some big events heading for the medal stand, such as men’s team gymnastics.

Hint, the dreaded tape delay is in effect.  But all the events are streaming live online.

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London Olympic games opening ceremony as team USA enters, 2012.  The Queen of England’s stunt double parachutes into the Olympic stadium. It was a fierce and technical light show extraordinaire. Congrats to the Brits.


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