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Race Riots Now Playing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

One Shot In Head One Shot In Head During Protests In Uptown Charlotte

Muslims bombing last weekend now blacks looting and rioting.  Obama’s legacy continues to run amuck.


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Dallas, TX Love Field Shooting, Airport on Lock down.

This is happening way too much in America. God, Please Bless Our Country right now.

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Shooting UCLA, Engineering Building, Boelter Hall?

This is going to be a crime summer in the US. Is this Campus a Gun Free Zone? God be with us.


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NYC Police Officers Ambushed, Shot Dead in Brooklyn.

You race baiters, are you elated now? Sharpton, Obama?

Please stop this madness. May their families be comforted, prayers for peace.

‘Blood on Many Hands’: Police union president slams De Blasio after cops’ killing

VIDEO: NYPD officers turn away from Mayor de Blasio as he enters police presser for murdered cops

Rudy Giuliani: 2 NYC Cops Were Killed Because Obama Told Everyone To ‘Hate The Police’

Black Muslim Who Quoted Koran Murders 2 NYPD Cops as “Revenge for Garner”

12/13/2014 – “Million Marchers” in Murray Hill neighborhood of NYC chant: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!”






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NHL Penguins-Flyers Game Sing “O Canada,” Solidarity With Canadians.

Terrorism has no boundaries.  Americans stand strong with heartfelt sympathy with all Canadians.

Ottawa shootings: Canada not intimidated says PM Harper Click Here

Ottawa gunman is convert to Islam Click Here

Terrorist Ends Canada’s Innocence Click Here


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