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August unemployment rate at 8.1%.

Mitt Romney claimed,

For every net new job created, nearly four Americans gave up looking for work entirely. This is more of the same for middle class families who are suffering through the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. After 43 straight months of unemployment above 8 percent, it is clear that President Obama just hasn’t lived up to his promises and his policies haven’t worked. We aren’t better off than they were four years ago.”

Record 88,921,000 Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’—119,000 Fewer Employed in August Than July  Click Here

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“I’ Doesn’t Stand for ‘Incomplete’, It Stands for ‘Incompetent”

Former Governor John Sununu slams Obama,

Lanny, this president when they asked him what his grade was said “incomplete.” I used to teach at Tufts. The students who came in and asked for incomplete knew that they hadn’t done anything all term. The ones that failed in their responsibilities. The ones who didn’t deliver what they were expected to deliver. In that respect the president’s right. He gets an incomplete because he’s a failure.”

Exclusive: Democrats Drop ‘God’ From Party Platform

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US jobless claim rises again.  The  Labor department reported an  increased by 8,000 to a seasonally adjusted 365,000 in the week ended July 28, 2012. Also, factory orders unexpectedly fell in June, the latest sign that the slowing economy is sapping demand. July’s payroll report is released tomorrow.

Department of Labor Plans to Cut Thousands of Military Jobs  Click Here

Defense cuts would be step toward ‘hollow’ force. Click Here

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June jobs report a dismal 8.2% unemployment, unexpectedly worse than expectations, Sorry Obama. June Job Creation at 80,000; Rate Holds Steady at 8.2%. Stock market opening ranking on the reports. Remember, these are still Obama’s fuzz math number. Doesn’t count the Americans who left the workforce or are underemployed. Is QE3 back on the table? Will our dollar be the incredible shrinking machine? If the election was held today, Obama would lose just on the economic issues.  Obama wants all Americans on government assistance. Control issues. Socialist roots. Obama Copperfield pick that rabbit out of the hat and become a magician for you reelection 2012.

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