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Obama: Hurricane Sandy response  a “metaphor” for how government should work at first press conference after 2012 reelection.

Obama exclaimed,

“It’s been aggressive and strong and fast and robust and a lot of people have been helped because of it. That’s a pretty good metaphor for how I want federal government to operate generally, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure it does.”

In Sandy response, some Red Cross, FEMA workers stayed in plush NYC hotel

In Sandy, NYC rescuers find themselves the victims

Why Did Hurricane Sandy Knock Out New York City’s Power Grid?

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National Yard sale for Obama, September 22-23. Are you kidding me? Take back power from all those nasty billionaires and corporations. Sell all your possessions and turn in the money for Obama’s re-election campaign.

Sick followers of the Messiah.

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