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Coca-Cola Pulls Ad In Mexico, PC Police.

“Open Your Heart” campaign is offensive because it is deemed racist in the commercial.

Coca-Cola apologizes for indigenous people ad intended as ‘message of unity’



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Why Snoop Dogg is voting for Obama, snoopdogg via Instragram @DragonflyJonez. I wonder why Letterman did not use it in his top ten on Late Night?

Remember, this is Obama’s voting base who uses words as white nigga and black nigga. No racism intended.

Snoop Dogg – Reasons Snoop Is Voting Obama Lyrics Click Here


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Vote Black Button, once you vote black you never go back, Obama 2012 being worn on the Democratic National Convention floor.  Really, isn’t that a bit racist?

Can you imagine a button stating Vote for the White Guy at the Republican National Convention?

The best of the official and unofficial campaign gear on display for the Democratic convention Click Here

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Did NBC air racist monkey commercial after Gabby Douglas Olympics Gold Medal?

Bob Costas commented Gabby Douglas’s All-Rround Olympics Gold medal broke the stereotype, NBC followed it up immediately with this commercial featuring a monkey doing gymnastics.

Twitter Users Accuse NBC Of Racism After It Airs A Promo Showing A Monkey Doing Gymnastics   Click Here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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James Earl Jones: I can’t get enough MSNBC, and Tea Party folks,,,,, racist?  James Earl Jones, great voice but definitely not a great mind, very disappointing. I remember him from a Field of Dream and  the Voice Of Darth Vader.

Mr. Jones probably never has been to a Tea Party Rally. Why are they racist Mr. Jones, did Obama fill your head with those thoughts?

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