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Matt Damon’s “Toilet Strike”  Bono, Richard Branson, and Olivia Wilde Join in PSA  to create awareness to the  global water crisis.  The lack of access to safe water and adequate sanitation for billions. BTW,  they making fun of “Illuminati Conspiracies.” 

Gary White is the new organization’s Executive Director and Co-founder with Damon of Water.org

The three celebs pledge,

“We won’t go to the bathroom until everyone in the world has access to clean water and sanitation.”

Bono remarked,

“780 million people, that’s one in nine, lacks access to safe water.”

Wilde said in a statement,

“I want to support creative organizations that truly impact the lives of those in need, particularly those living in extreme poverty. Water.org makes a real difference around the world, and in Haiti, a country that I care deeply about.”

Does that include the millions of Americans that do not have access to clean water?

Bono, Why are you supporting G8’s GMO Initiative for Africa?

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PSA from Belgian Financial Sector Federation, “Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His Gift.” The dangers of sharing personal information online. This video reveals the magic behind the magic, making people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online. And by doing so urging everybody to be vigilant.

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Run Hide and Fight, a PSA from Houston, Texas.  This is how to survive an active event during a workplace shooting. Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security made the video before the Colorado mass murders.

Take the time to view this informative video.  It could save you life. Remember duck and cover and stop drop and roll.

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