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Hurricane Sandy hits New Jersey. I awoke this morning to howling winds and torrential rains. I am 40 miles inland but near a small lake. The hurricane is still 250 miles away. Central pressure is 945. Landfall is not projected until this evening. The Jersey shore is receiving a pounding. Gov. Christie has declared a State of Emergency and has evacuated all the barrier islands of New Jersey and all casinos of Atlantic City. It is projected a 6-8  ft. storm surge.

I stocked up on firewood and food.  I do not hope we lose power.

I am only in the outer bands. This is just the beginning.

The Internet Bands Together To Weather Hurricane Sandy: Helpful Resources And Details, Including Google’s Crisis Map

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Hurricane Sandy, a threat to East coast?

I live in South Jersey. I will monitoring this weather phenomenon closely.

GOOGLE RELEASES Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map. Click Here

Hurricane Sandy kills 29 across Caribbean Click Here

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Hurricane Isaac photos  near southeast area of Louisiana, the city of Madisonville,  My friend Tom shared these pictures with me.  This area in on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans near I12. Those trees half under water are adjacent to the Tchefuncte River on the back of the house located in Tammany Parish. The pictures were taken  in a lull in the storm.  The water flooded their back yard.

They had no power for 3 days as a result of Hurricane Isaac.

Raw Video: Hurricane Isaac leaves flooding in Madisonville Click Here

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