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MLB, Chase Utley,  Signs 2 year Contract, Extension worth 27 million,  a Philadelphia Phillie For Life?

I assume Chase is the leader in the clubhouse.  It is around the same amount of money Chase was getting paid this year. But the question remains, is Rubin going to sign pitcher Roy Halladay?

BTW, Utley had a collision at Home plate last night.  The Phillies still lost last night to the Cubs 5-2 at Citizen Bank Park.

Chase is still nice eye candy while the Phillies are out of the pennant race. JMO.

Phillies sign Chase Utley to two-year, $27 million extension

Sources: Phils, Chase Utley have deal. Click here.

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Cliff Lee, MLB All-Star, Philadelphia Phillies, Stare of Death, July 16, 2013?

What did I miss? I did not see the beginning of the game as I was taking spin class. I did see Lee pitch in the 5th and the error.  All they are talking about on Sports Radio in Philly is the Eagles because baseball is dark. I went on my cousin Marjorie’s Facebook and she noted it.  So it was time for me to blog about it.

New York Yankees, New York Mets Fans, The joke is on you Suckers!  Yankee’s, Lee didn’t want you and the Met’s are @ the bottom of our division, I believe with the Marlins. Ha Ha!

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Darren “Dutch” Daulton, #10, Ex- Philadelphia Phillie, 1983-1997, Has Developed Two Brain Tumors

Bruno: Daulton Had Trouble Speaking Before Diagnosis Click Here

Email: Daulton’s girlfriend, Amanda, told Bruno that the former All-Star catcher wanted everyone to know that he’s really positive and to send positive vibes. The radio station has set up an email address where people can do just that. The address is Dutch@975thefanatic.com.

Other Facebook tribute pages are popping up encouraging use of the Twitter hashtags #PrayersForDutch, #GetWellDutch and #RightOnFightOn, referring to Daulton’s oft-used response to fans and radio show callers.

A Statement Regarding Darren Daulton 97.5 the Phantic

Darren Daulton has not been feeling well over the past two weeks. He went to the doctor who discovered two brain tumors and is scheduled for surgery early next week.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this difficult time. Of course we want to respect his privacy at a time like this, but if you would like to send him get well wishes you may do so at dutch@975thefanatic.com

I am currently in shock, disbelief. I was listening the Phanic on the way home But tonight there was no.97.5 FM called “Talking Baseball with Dutch,” which airs weeknights during the season. I heard the on air personality talk about a person in grave ill. Dear Lord. I knew Darren from 1990-1992, when he caught for my two friends, Jason Grimsley and Terry Mulholland.

Darren, I just went to my local Mall to find a shirt of yours.  I will find one tomorrow. All of Philadelphia is praying for your recovery.

Darren Daulton Facebook page

Below. Highlights of Daulton’s MLB career, 1992 All Star Game Starting Line-up.

1993 NLCS, Game 6: Braves @ Phillies

You know the rest. Best hardworking catcher in MLB. Knew Daulton knew how to control his pitchers heads on the mound, keep them focused.

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