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Donald Trump’s Argument For America 

Now is the time Americans. Take Our Country Back with a Roar without a corrupt establishment!

Donald Trump 8 years POTUS, 2 terms please!

Jason Miller, senior communications adviser.

“This is Mr. Trump’s positive closing message to American voters, and it comes at a time when Secretary Clinton has abandoned any positive message of her own,” said Jason Miller, senior communications adviser.

“We believe voters are looking to go in a new direction and Mr. Trump is ready to lead this change.”

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In Philadelphia, a jury has convicted Kermit Gosnell of three counts of first degree murder of killing three babies born alive.

REPORT OF THE GRAND JURY – City of Philadelphia Click Here

Jury returns to deliberations Monday in trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell Click Here

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Obama has a Santa’s Naughty and Nice list in Washington, contingent on fiscal cliff at a press event held at  The Rodon Group manufacturing facility, K’NEX toy factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

POTUS, why did you spend the US into oblivion, 16 trillion dollars worth of debt? I did not hear of any new spending cuts. Why are you holding the middle class hostage? GMAB


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In Pennsylvania, High School hockey teams told no to the US National Anthem before games.

National Anthem Stirs Controversy Among High School Hockey Community

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Mitt Romney at Shady Brook Farm in Morrisville, PA. November 4, 2012. An enormous 30,000+ Rally for Romney  Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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PSU Extreme Makeover Edition. We’re RENOVATING the Sandusky Rape Showers Really did I read this correctly?

Sorry not good enough. I am cringing in sadness and fear. How can you erase the crimes repeatedly committed to young boys with a renovation? Who are these people making these decisions? Who is in charge the Board of Trustees? Please reflect not only in your community but to the American people.

I want the reality Show Extreme Makeover to go to Penn State University Campus so we can view the complete demolition of every building associated with this horrific crime against children. Now, the Nation can try to heal. This is not just the Penn State Alumni that has been affected but anyone that has children, anyone that has went to a College football game. Anyone that has felt a terrible moment because of this horrendous crime against the innocent. We need to start to heal. The hell hole the perp Sandusky and other people in high positions that assisted him. Turn their backs and let the perp roam free on campus. The billions of dollars in revenue due to the Division 1, PSU football program for over a decade was in jeopardy if they did not cover up. Sandusky did not become a perp in the 1990’s.  Let us stop fooling ourselves.

I want it bulldozed down, completely now, no remodeling.
The University has the money from all those years you compromised the lives of hundreds of children to rape and abuse.
How could you shower in there. Could you?
All football offices moved to another building. Bring in the heavy equipment. There will be good Christian men that will be elated to assist in the demolition. New construction jobs will be created in the State of Pennsylvania.
Fly in the Pope from Rome and Bless the entire new building.
I do not think that would work though.

Bring down that statue. Give it to his family to place and cover in their basement. They took the halo off of the mural, GMAB. Wait, what was a halo doing on a person to begin with?  I associated halos with Angels. Joe Pa was not an angel on Earth. Let us not dispute that issue.

Take down his name everywhere on that campus and in the United State except on his tombstone. Joe Paterno negotiated raise, exit after learning of Jerry Sandusky investigation He knew what was going on when the perp was arrested.  Mr. Paterno was to be paid $3 million at the end of the 2011 season if he agreed it would be his last. Interest-free loans totaling $350,000 that the university had made to Mr. Paterno over the years would be forgiven as part of the retirement package. He would also have the use of the university’s private plane and a luxury box at Beaver Stadium for him and his family to use over the next 25 years.  Jo Pa knew the silent torture house he built was tumbling down before him very quickly. It was time for the University to pay up now for his cover up. Joe Pa was the main instrument and he did not sing to campus police or the state investigators.
He died b/c he knew he was wrong. God said it is time to go Joe.

No Football for PSU, the Death Penalty for as many years possible, NCAA has to step this up now. If this law isn’t in the books, make one now and implement it. Other Universities will support this sanction. Let the University try to sue the NCAA.  Make sure there is a judge in place to let it drag on for years. There have been other Universities have been denied bowl games and scholarships for fewer crimes or recruiting violations.

Let the current Football players on scholarship transfer to other Universities without a red shirt year. It is not their fault they were recruited into a child molestation athletic ring and  turn your back policy to child rape. Stop pointing fingers and do the right thing. Current students can find something else to do on Saturday’s like study.  If the students want to attend a football game, bus them to another University game at their choice. This is just for starters.

In This I pray, AMEN.

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Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton is broke, the Mayor reduces the city workers pay to minimum wage, cuts overtime, disability and worker’s compensation.  He has only has given his employees 8 days notice. Following the tracks of the California towns of Mammoth Lakes and Stockton that have declared bankruptcy under the Obama’s administration.

Scranton’s Mayor Chris Doherty (D ) the State of Pennsylvanian’s sixth largest city claims his city has no money. Blaming it on a city councils block on his proposed tax increase of 29 percent to thwart a deficit of $16.8 million.  Doherty’s move is to try keep his city running of essential functions. This is not limited to police, firefighters, road construction workers and other city workers including himself.

Scranton also was made famous from the TV series The Office. The City Scranton is nestled high in the Pocono mountain of PA

It once claimed to be No. 10 Strongest Job Market: Scranton-Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Say it isn’t so Joe. Why don’t you ask your boss Obama to help with your old neighborhood financial difficulties?

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