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Liberal Kaci Hickox Refuses Mandatory Quarantine In Maine.

So you refused it in New Jersey and now in your home state of Maine?

But you plan to sue New Jersey and Maine for being in violation of your civil rights.

How about American Citizens civil rights not to be exposed to the Ebola virus?

The Centers for Disease Control infectious disease unit worker for two years decides not to comply with her state of Maine, 21 day self quarantine.


Maine Gov. Paul LePage Sends State Police To Enforce Ebola Quarantine

Ebola quarantine nurse’s ties to CDC scrubbed from web; was it a staged op to invoke opposition to quarantines?

Nurse formerly quarantined in NJ doesn’t plan to comply with Maine’s Ebola protocol

Via Gateway Pundit

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The Nurse, The Extremist, The Survivor a new ad exposing Barack Obama’s voting record of supporting infanticide by Women Speak Out PAC.

On this issue alone, how can you vote Obama a second term November 6, 2012?

Links to Barack Obama’s votes on Illinois’ Born Alive Infant Protection Act Click Here

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