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Barack Obama complains Michelle Obama does not get paid being First Lady of the United States.  Her lavish vacations are enough as repayment. Dear Lord, did I just hear him make that statement?

Michelle Obama lifestyle is of the rich and famous.

472 Ann Romney Blouses = 1 Michelle Obama Spanish Vacation Click Here

First Lady Michelle Obama for requiring a paid staff of more than 20 people, claiming she has an ‘unprecedented’ number of ‘attendants.Click Here

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Make-up free Oprah Winfrey and her wigs. See what she looks like before the scenes, just like one of us folks.

Can you imagine Michelle Obama’s collection?

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Michelle Obama hugs entire US Mens Olympic Basketball US vs France today after their win.  Is this real lady? GMAB, Super fan. Come to Mommy.

Sorry, I am calling you out of this one.  They aren’t your personal ball boys Lady.

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Michelle Obama sports $6,800 Cap sleeve jacket at the London Olympic games to visit the Queen.  I knew the British would be all over her fashion. Michelle is hurting like the American folks. Michelle, the next charity you will be asking the Americans for will be your fund after your husband is out of a job November 6, 2012.

Michelle Obama rags to riches saga continues.

Embroidered Cap Sleeve Jacket $6,800  Click Here

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London 2012 Olympics: These are the many faces of Michelle Obama, the first Lady of the United States. Michelle Obama gave a masterclass in foreign diplomacy.

I want to know the cost of security of the First Lady’s presence in London?  The American taxpayer picks up the tab as always.

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