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Gas prices rise, add this price increase to an Obama’s loss on election day, November 6, 2012. Not a good sign having Americans digging into their paychecks a little bit further before the Presidential election 2012. Is it just another nail in the coffin?  School days is returning into many families itineraries. A gallon of gas approximately rose 34 cents since July 1. In NJ, I am paying $3.53 per gallon. My state tax is lower.

Obama sure you cannot get on the red phone to OPEC or pay off those nasty oil speculators? Please do not blame it on ruptured pipelines or refineries that shut down unexpectedly because of equipment problems. It is once again exposing Obama’s failed energy policies.  Americans remember those green energy bankruptcies. Obama large campaigner recipients received their payback in green energy free grants.

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