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 Fox’s Megyn Kelly Takedown of Obama.

This was just too good not to post.  You go Megyn.  Tell the truth.  This is the State of our Country at the present.

Sad so very sad, no leadership from POTUS ever.

Obama Rejected “Best Military Advice”

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Watters’ World in Philly : The US Citizenship Test Edition.

Didn’t know Jesse Watter’s is from Philly.  This segment is worth viewing. Funny how many legal citizens do not know their civic history of the United States.

Take the test below.  How many did you get correct?

Naturalization Self-Test 1

Watters’ World: The citizenship test edition Click Here




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1791 Denim, Glenn Beck sells “All-American” jeans clothing line. Former Fox News host Glenn Beck has unveiled his new clothing line, 1791.  The 100% Cotton ring-spun selvage denim jeans are 100% Made in the USA. The 13.5 oz. Red Line Selvage denim is woven in Greensboro, North Carolina at Cone Denim Mills. They are cut and sewn in Kentucky in a factory that’s been around since the 1920’s.

The company is named after the year the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution.

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Santita Jackson said, “I found Biden‘s remarks profoundly insulting” in a discussion on the Sean Hannity show. Wonders never cease do they?

Ms Jackson replied,

      It’s one thing to become familial. It’s another thing to become familiar. And familiarity breeds contempt. And, this is very close to being contemptuous. These remarks were insulting. Not only does he need to dial them back, he needs to apologize.”

McCain says Obama Would Be ‘Wise’ to Replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the Ticket Click Here

Former Obama Co-Chair from 2008 Joins Romney Campaign Click Here

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Valerie Jarret is convinced Obama rhetoric not responsible for class warfare, Fox news is. Obama has his cronies out in full force and the enemy is the Fox News Channel.  Jarret is his surrogate from Chicago, BFF with Michelle and has a buzz in his ear being Obama‘s worst  Senior Adviser. When is the Obama’s administration going to take responsibly for the past 3 and a half years of the demise of America?   They can’t blame Bush for this one.  Needed is another scapegoat.

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