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Five Guys Took A Boy Band Anthem, Wrong Direction’s “Disclosure.” A parody based on One Direction‘s hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Can someone tell me what voter this is geared to rich gays or horny young women? Just keep drinking Obama’s Kool-Aid.

This video is distasteful, classless trash and borderline of soft porn.

Where is Obama’s College transcripts, passports and real birth certificate? What has Obama been hiding the past four years? Americans do not care about Romney’s tax returns.

From MoveOn.

This is one of the best Romney parodies we’ve seen, hands down! The video has already skyrocketed to more than 2 million views. Could these guys have shamed Romney into finally releasing his 2011 tax returns on Friday? Maybe they can help us get to the bottom of what else Romney is hiding. Watch the video and find out!I’ve got to warn you, though: if you’re offended by young men in bathing suits, dancing around a pool, you might want to skip this video.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are offended by young men in bathing suits, dancing near a pool, this video might not be for you.

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