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Gisele Bündchen Tweets Go PaPai During NFL New England Vs Dallas Game.

I was surfing around on twitter after the Philly Eagles won.  I was on the NFL feed and saw Gisele tweeting out Go PaPai, during the Pats and Cowboys game.  I thought I saw seeing things. But get with it girlfriend, he is a quarterback not Papai ( he is not your daddy but your husband.)

Learn the English language use it properly especially during an NFL game. But your husband is a superstar cheater.  I am from Philly, enough said.

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Cowboy Fans Burn DeMarco Murray’s Jersey.

All because he signed a free agency contract with the Philadelphia Eagles who gave him an extra $2 million that Dallas would not part with.

Chip Kelly got a 3 for 1 by trading McCoy because of the amount of his contract.

Cry Cowgirls Cry.

Dez Bryant says goodbye while Cowboys fans burn DeMarco jerseys

Making Sense of Philadelphia Eagles’ Logjam at Running Back

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