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National Cheesesteak Day!

Ok, I have eaten them for over 5 decades. It is a Philly tradition.

This is what I order, steak with provolone cheese with raw onions.

I do not like cheese whiz. I don’t get them inside out either. I like the Amoroso roll.

I prefer Geno’s to Pat’s in South Philly also. But my favorite is Dalessandro’s Steaks in Roxborough.

Where To Find The Best Cheesesteaks In Philadelphia

The 14 Essential Philly Cheesesteaks You Need to Try

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NFL Philly QB Mark Sanchez Promised A Visit To Geno and Pat Steaks After Win to Carolina.

Yes, Sanchez made good on a promise to Broadcaster John Gruden if he could help the team to a win he would go and eat his first Cheesesteak down in South Philly.

I wonder what he got and who’s Cheese Steak he likes better?  I am a Geno’s fan.

Sanchez broke bread with the faithful fans of Philly after the slaughter of the Panthers. That is a big deal and die-hard Eagle fans will take notice and get behind the new QB for the Philadelphia Eagles.

BTW, it was Mark Sanchez 28th Birthday.


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