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London 2012 Olympic flame ‘goes out’ as cauldron is moved. It is supposed to burn throughout the entire Olympics until the end.  But witnesses saw it go out at 11:14 pm Sunday. Olympic organizers have now confirmed it was extinguished to allow staff to move the cauldron to another part of the venue over the weekend. The final position of the cauldron has already attracted some criticism after it was disclosed it would not be visible outside the stadium.

Was it moved because of safety  (winds) or that people who didn’t have tickets could view the flame?

Jackie Brock-Doyle, director of communications for the London Olympics organizers implied,

The cauldron has been put out while we move it to another part of the stadium.”

It is not uncommon for a flame to go out and this can happen for a number of reasons, for example, in extreme winds.”

We keep the mother flame alight in specially designed miners’ lanterns so if the flame does go out for some reason we re-light it from the source of the flame.”

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