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My City Of Ruins- Bruce Springsteen

Good ol’ Bruce, You can always pick a song, listen and apply the words to it in your life’s moments.

The last time I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band was at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia Amnesty International’s Human Rights Now concert in 1988.  It included Sting, Peter Gabriel,Tracy Chapman, Youssou N’Dour and Joan Baez.  I was working at One on One Sports Training Center and Larry Magid provided tickets for a dozen of the staff as he was Mike Wood’s client.   I took my son who was six months old at the time in a front carrier papoose sling,

I had earplugs for my son but I remember him waking up to Bruce singing.

Those were the days back in Philly. My recollection is vivid as I remember sitting to the seats stage left.  There wasn’t a bad seat in JFK though.

Let us all Rise Up Now.  Below is Bruce singing in Philadelphia, September 3 2012, about the empty space, value of life, preciousness of time and necessity of love as you get older. I just got the goose bumps. I picked this video for a reason.

You can read the lyrics Here.

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