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Journalists Fans, And Players Discuss Charlie Manuel’s Firing as Philadelphia Phillies General Manager.

This blogger well, is more than upset that #FireRubén Amaro,Jr. ( Please can someone start a twitter account with this hash-tag) did not let Charlie go with respect.  Yes, I am irate.  This is my blog so I can tell you my true feelings. Ruben it is so “BIG OF YOU” to let Charlie win his 1000 game, and let Chooch deliver a home plate autograph by his players in the clubhouse. Big deal. Ruben you could have let Charlie finish 2013 contact season. You deemed the time necessary to change the guard to the clubhouse. Let me get this straight, you put the players on the field, you negotiated their contacts. Charlie did not. Do think this Sandberg guy is the second coming of ******! Really why hasn’t any other team pick him up to be their manager? BTW, The Berg guy doesn’t have a ring either. He seems like he is going to try to lay down the law in the clubhouse? This is 2013, These player make silly money.  They don’t care what you do. You took their manager/friend away without class.  Amaro are you just trying to fill the seats at Citizen Bank Park because  Chip Kelly is across the street with the Buzzfactor Birds?? Ain’t going to work.  Karma is a B*****!  Wait for yours.

Viewing Comcast Sportsnet currently and MLB, and seeing Charlie in Atlanta’s Dugout waiting for the rain to stop. Charlie knew it was his last game as Manager of the Phillies. So Sad. ( and Ruben Fake A** tears @ the beginning of the presser yesterday.) Sportsnet has a highlight reel of Charlie.  It is decent.

I hope the Phillies lose every freaking game left in the 2013 season. Hope the Dodgers extend their winning streak to 9 tonight. I just saw MLB is advertising the game on their channel.  This should look good. Yes, I will root for the opposing team now.  I got that feeling. Screw Rubin #FireRubinAmaro

The firing of Charlie Manuel ( espn.go.com)

Manuel’s great run shouldn’t have ended this way  ( csnphilly.com)

OH BTW Did you know that one of Chase Utley’s fan has a blog with a plush toy? It is just a plain wordpress site. I think it is awesome.  Check it out below.

little chase blogspot

Goodbye Charlie

Via Twitter:

Leave Your Tribute To Charlie Manuel, scroll down page to comment on right side LINK

Fake Amaro’s Tear Jerker, get your tissues out they are real tears. Sike.

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Sidewalks Chalk 1st Anniversary, July 5, 2013.

I believe I was brainstorming that morning for a name. Sidewalk chalk was taken so I went with the plural.  I remember as a child I used to chalk the streets of Philadelphia with color, to play hopscotch or just write anything (cursive) on the concrete pavement and streets.

I remember marking my name, Donna in the 1960’s.  But when the rain came it washed the chalk  away.

Also, the endless pairs of sneakers that hung on the wires of the Streets of Philadelphia.  Yes, I had a pair of white canvas Chuck Taylor’s on a corner somewhere.

How I came up with the name Spellbound84, it was the launch of my Professional Dance Career.  A Dick Foster Production, Spellbound in 1984, Glen Mills PA, Encore Dinner Theater, Pulsations Nightclub Complex.

Remember every picture tells a story.

Thank you Jordan for helping me with the development of my blog.

Also, Muse for constant words of encouragement.

God has blessed my blog.


Blessings : ).

When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars!  <3

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God Bless this blog. It is a new start for me and my readers. I embrace our journey together with passion. Hang with me while I get adjusted in my new home.

peace, sp 84

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