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Obama’s Super Pac campaign lies on Romney attack video “Understands.” The man speaking in the ad, Joe Soptic, wife died in 2006, years after the GST Steel factory closed down.

Why is Obama using the loss of this mans to try to push their own political agenda with an unethical ad?

A 2006 story in the Kansas City Star reported the death of Ranae Soptic, a former champion roller skater.

Soptic went to the hospital for pneumonia, but doctors found signs of very advanced cancer, and she died two weeks later on June 22.”

Joe Soptic, the man blaming Romney for wife’s death, is a familiar face on the anti-Romney beat Video Click Here

Even CNN Calls Obama’s Killer Romney Ad a Big Fat Lie Below Video

Obama Campaign Asking Supporters for Dirt on Romney’s VP Contenders Click Here

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