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Obama Administration 80 new regulations proposal? This was an addition to the now 1,773 proposed in the last thirty days. 

Records Governing Off-the-Record Communications

New Postal Products

Foreign Carrier Entry Into U.S. Telecommunications Market

Final Decision That Certain Canadian-Certified Vehicles Are Eligible for Importation

Highly Migratory Species: Atlantic Shark Management Measures

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New York City, fire rips through Breezy Point, Queens, 80 houses destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. Explosions, fires, and floods have devastated New York, killing at least six people statewide. Hurricane Sandy left dozens of houses ablaze as it hit the city while flooding at least seven subway tunnels and overwhelming the emergency services. First reports of major fire were coming in from the Rockaway Park area of Queens, New York. A few hours later, fire engulfed houses in Breezy Point, Queens, and 190 firefighters were on site battling the blaze. Fire has reportedly destroyed 80 houses.

At least 80 flooded houses destroyed by New York City fire Click Here

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