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SoulCycle – Upper West Side‎, Sue Molnar – Instructor

Congrats! Your SOUL is confirmed.

Get ready to FIND YOUR SOUL on Tue Jul 16 6:30 PM on bike 38 with Sue!

Should you have any questions feel free to call the studio at 212.787.1300 or soulcycle WEST 77TH STREET.

Inspiration. Transformation. Celebration. DONE.

See you on your bike!


I started this post when I arrived home from day four of a heat wave in NYC celebrating my Birthday.  In my prior post I was going to SoulCycle west 77th 350 Amsterdam Avenue  instead of my traditional Step’s mecca.  What a surprise it was. Sue gave me a ride of my life.

Yes, I thought I was going to a dance audition. I was so nervous but that is how I am.  As soon as I entered John greeted me at the desk as I was early. I confirmed my bike #38.  I didn’t know what to expect since I was a dance/fitness instructor new to the cycling family.  I have tried indoor cycling before but the instructors/room/music was lame.  So, I lost interest.

Now, I belong to a gym in South Jersey with a fabulous spin room family, small but intimate. Although I wrestle with the playlists/music/instructors at times, it still take me to my state of higher being.  But There is NO ONE Compared the SUE Molnar.

I had read Sue’s bio prior but she surpasses that and even more. Her room was full, no bikes empty all 61 of them. 61 seems to be their number of bike in a room. I know there is something behind that number, I will ask the next time I ride.  Cycling shoes, towel and water provided.  But never did I ride with such intensity.  It all was because of Sue!

She took me to Seal, Pearl Jam, Rick James, and everywhere in between. Counted down in eights. No cadence check needed.  The room was lit dimly, candles on her stage with bikes facing her, front and side. The energy was, I felt like I was in the Tour de France with a psychiatrist. $20 for a first class $34 more additional but I felt like I should have tipped Sue more.  Her rapport with her regular students is strong but relaxing. She exhibited a calming tone of voice while stressing a command like no other teacher has given. That was what I needed and it surpassed my expectations. We had small hand weights which she incorporated in her ride placed right behind the seat.  Bikes were designed specially for SoulCyle, as I inquired.

When the ride was over, I did not know how to unlock my shoes.  The woman in back of me just said, “leave them attached to the bikes, they will get them.” She was so kind as I didn’t know how to adjust this type of bike in the beginning of the ride also. Her help was needed.  But John at the desk stopped by my bike before the ride and ask if everything was OK. This is truly a one of a kind experience. Sue commented that it was someone 25th wedding anniversary and asked how he did it and the end of class. So I assumed she was up for comments. I approached the instructor Sue, as we were dripping wet, looked like I had just got out of the shower.  (Very little air on, Yes! (to those people who read this and complain,” It is too hot in here. I want the fans on,” I inform them cold is not your friend. I thanked her and told her she “Rocked” I know she heard me yelling in class as there were pockets of us. I used to be a Professional Cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles and other professional teams. Yes, everyone needs a cheerleader in their life. ( I am still trying to figure out who is mine, maybe me?) Try to envision 61 adults,  a small room with dim tract lighting and four candles around the spinning stage, pounding Rock/Pop/R&B music mixed, spinning aimlessly into her commands. Sue said “Thanks.” I  replied, ‘Today is my Birthday and you just gave me the best Birthday present ever.”  “Happy Birthday, now you have to blow out this candle and make a wish.”   I did and said, ” I want a SoulCyle in South Jersey area.” ” Great wish.”  Then we talked, and exchanged emails posed for a couple of photos. (Thanks Jordan). I had that endorphin rush that you can only give yourself. I am still high 18 hours later after I slept for only 3 hours.

Wow, what a birthday.  I came home started this post and looked on the schedule to see when she teaches again. Because I will return to her class and give her everything I got and more. I have an endless amount of energy. Better than any psychiatrist appointment, any dance class,. any drug, any you name it, anything. I have the SoulCycle stamp of approval on my body forever. It is all because of Sue Molnar. What an impact she has made in my life in just one hour. Just think if I studied under her for a few weeks.  Sue is that awesome and special. Yes, Sue I appreciate your playlist because it came from your Soul.

The question remains, Can I go back to my old spin room and try to repeat what I experienced yesterday? I think I got to teach now. Dust the cob webs and make my playlist, read get the iPod nano ready.  Now is the time. But I enjoy being a student. I want to be Sue’s Permanent Student. You NYC people, do not know what a gift you have? Maybe you do.

I have studied from great teachers/choreographers/producers but Sue, you took me to a place where I have never been. Words cannot describe the euphoric feeling of reckless abandonment I still enjoy the day after. I feel like a went to a Church yesterday and Sue was my priest/pastor, yes, all of the above.

I know what I am blogging about.  I hold a BS degree in Physical and Health Education from Temple University, minor in dance. K-12 teacher certification. Dance professionally on cruise ships, dinner theaters nightclubs ect. Just to let you know I can break this into high and low switch muscle fibers.  Every athlete could benefit from a workout of this nature, just not indoor biking enthusiasts.

July 16th, was an excellent/brilliant day in New York City, 2013.

Thank you DEAR GOD! You made sure my car made it up to train station and got us safely home.

Then I get up this AM and found this email.  Does SoulCycle know how to market?! Heck yes.  I want IN on this SoulCyle spinning classes.  Their stock hasn’t went public yet. But I want to be their student now and forever and follow Sue!

PS. Everyone needs a Cheerleader in their life’s.  Now they have me! Go Sue, Go Sue, Go Sue! Go SoulCycle!

Dear Donna,

It was so great to meet you yesterday evening. I really hope you enjoyed your class with Sue! If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback, we would love to hear from you.

And if you’re already feeling SOULful and would like to book your next ride, you can click here or call our studio team.

Hope to see you back on a bike soon!

The SOUL WEST 77 team


Below, Bio of Sue ( try to find her schedule @ SoulCycle so I can follow her, I  called, they do not have that implemented in their schedule yet online) but found out she is just @ Upper West Side and the Hampton’s.  I knew she was that “great.” Photos out and inside side of Soul/Cycle. Sue and I fresh off out of her Tuesday’s 6:30pm Spin  ‘Zen” Class. ((look, she still has her mic on.)  My Polar FT4 watch, ( every spinner should purchase one, Gives a current readout of training files, duration/calories burned/ average heart rate zones It was the first  to wish me a joyous day by displaying a birthday cake for 24 hours) Yes. I was that awesome of a day!



Sue brings us her rockin’ southern SOUL all the way from South Carolina. Living in Los Angeles, when her kickboxing guru moved away, she was forced by friends to try spinning. After her first class, Sue decided that spinning would REALLY ROCK if she could play her own music. So she got certified and ended up teaching spin at Gold’s Gym in Hollywood for almost ten years, before heading East to SoulCycle. Sue likes to think of her cycling classes as Music Appreciation 101, rather than an “exercise class.” She leans towards classic rock and pop, but anything goes in her playlists. She builds each class with specifically cadenced music so that the challenge is keeping up with the different beat of each song — at varying levels of resistance. She encourages singing along, “hootin’ and hollerin’,” and enjoying the inspiring sense of camaraderie that can only be found in group exercise. Sue resides in New York City with her beloved cat, Jack.





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