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Massive Flood of New Immigrants from Muslim Nations? Islamophobia? ?#islam#muslims#MAGA

If you think these muslims want to pretend to want Western Cultures, you are fooling yourself.  This is 42.4 million, there are now more immigrants, legal and illegal in USA! OMG  If you think our schools, healthcare can take another hit then you haven’t opened you eyes to the real news out there.

Politifact Says Trump Is Right: Hillary Clinton Supports ‘500% Increase in Syrian Refugees’


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Multicultural Toilets, Migrants, Feces, Open & Global Defecation.

Migrants Leave Blood, Feces, Semen Smeared on Asylum Home Walls

This is totally new to me, I had to research. toilet paper , showers are also new to this primitive 3rd century people. Sorry, I do not want this technology, in my Country, America, the good ol’ USA. Can we STOP the PC now.

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