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National Espresso Day, November 23. 

I always have a pound of Starbucks Espresso beans at home to get me through the day.

Short History of Espresso



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Excessive Sugar Intake Affects The Brain?

This is my only vice, organic sugar in the raw in my coffee.  Now I might just have black coffee without sugar.

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

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Processed Meat Can Causes Cancer, Red Meat? WHO.

I always knew this, luncheon meats and always suspected red meat.

Via Philly.com

Eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancer in humans while red meat is a likely cause of the disease, World Health Organization (WHO) experts said on Monday in findings that could sharpen debate over the merits of a meat-based diet.

“For an individual, the risk of developing colorectal (bowel) cancer because of their consumption of processed meat remains small, but this risk increases with the amount of meat consumed,” Dr Kurt Straif of the IARC said in a statement.

Processed meats do cause cancer – WHO


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National Pumpkin Day, Oct 26

Via Punchbowl

It’s National Pumpkin Day! Pumpkins are the harbinger of the harvest season, appearing every year as the first sign of autumn. Did you know that the word “pumpkin” comes from the Greek word “pepon,” meaning “large melon”?


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National Desert Day, October 14th.

Cinnamon, ice cream, cookies, coconut custard pie are a few of my favorites.

National Dessert Day 2015: Where To Get Free Sweet Treats

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