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Amtrak 188 Crash in Philly, Deadly Train Derailment, over 200 People Injured.

I was flipping with the remote last night after Phillies game. Then, I saw this, an Amtrak Train heading from Washington D.C. to New York City train derailment that was in Philly which is right across the Delaware River from my home. I know the area well. I witnessed immediately over 300 police, EMT’s, firefighters and others rushing to the scene of the accident which was very dark.  They were using flashlights until helicopters could use overhead beams of light. Local hospitals were preparing for the injured. I also saw SEPTA buses transporting the victims who looked like they were in shock.  I left the TV on all night.  Prayers to the victims. #pray for philly, #Amtrak 188

Another Deadly Train Derailment Happened at Frankford Junction 71 Years Ago

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