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Isn’t It Time: The Babys.

I was driving last night, running errands and dodging black ice and 8 inches of newly fallen snow. I was surfing the radio for some good music.  Then, this song came on.  I was pulling up at the gym to pick up my son and I could not get Shazam to work on my Iphone. I quickly asked my son to pull the song up on his cell and connect it to the music system in the car.  Yes it was the song.  I asked him was it in the 1980’s.  No Mom, it was 1977, a British Band.  Really! Going back in time I was 3rd-4th year student at Temple University training classically in Dance. I always had an ear for a different melody. But there had to be a something else that rocked my world during that time.  Still trying to figure it out.

As soon as I got home I pulled the video up.  Then, today I found that the musical group has resurfaced in the present. I believe there is no comparison to the 70’s 80’s 90’s music to today’s headache trips.

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