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Memorial Day Weekend, Philadelphia’s Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial.

In my area, we pay tribute to the fallen from the Vietnam War.  This is the War that I remember very clearly. I was a young child but as the war escalated, the protests are vividly etched in my mind.  There was a draft, and a lottery system held by the Selective Service System.  My friend Glenn’s birthday date was picked at 23.  But the war ended and he never got called to duty.  I was in High School. Glenn was 4 years older than I and had graduated.

Would you have been drafted by the lottery system? Click here to find out.

Philadelphia’s Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial. Click here

Built in 1987 with the support of veteran’s, their families, public, and corporate contributions Philadelphia’s Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial is one of the most heartfelt in the nation. 58,000 Americans were killed in action, 300,000 wounded and more than 2,400 remain unaccounted for in the war.

The Memorial wall at Front and Spruce streets records the names of Philadelphia’s 646 heroes in stone so that their sacrifice shall never be forgotten.

May all Americans remember all the brave men who died in the name of freedom.

Philadelphia Vietnam Veteran Memorial Click Here

Delta Reunion 2011 at Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial video below.

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Obama forgets to salute Marine, shakes hand instead.  New trend in Obama’s Commander-in Chief position?


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