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The Republican National Committee releases “Smirk” after the first presidential debate. Governor Romney laid out a clear plan to create jobs and get the middle class back to economic prosperity and President Obama who was visibly angry couldn’t explain his failed policies that have left 23 million people looking for work.

Was Obama upset or incompetent during the first debate?

Look at Obama’s stance behind the podium in Denver, Colorado.

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Hey Obama, We Built This, the video. Obama, do you know why Americans are upset that you referred to us as we cannot build on our own? Wrong move Obama, that term will come to haunt you right out of the White House, November 6, 2012.

From the American people to Barack Obama – WE BUILT THIS: Click Here

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People faint from heat during Obama rally, Roanoke VA. Obama points 20 people towards the paralegals not the medical assistance.

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