Penguin Fail. Just a lighthearted video showing the little creatures plight to get on the ice.

Just reminded me of the movie Happy Feet.

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Obama’s Ground Force One rolls across the campaign trail with a new sticker, the Presidential Seal. It is an addition to make the occupant feel more important in his quest to win the electorate in Obama’s reelection 2012.

The Darth Vader diesel prototype “the Beast” transport EPG is 6-9 miles. Cost much less than $180,000 per hour to use Air Force One. But I read the occupants sometime fly to the designation and then board the bus and meet and greet voters. So much for appearance. It is all a facade.

Presidential seal returns to Obama campaign events after change of heart Click Here

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Excuses, a video by American Crossroads that lists Obama  endless excuses for the dire straits the American economy is in.  We will have the chance as Americans to make him a private citizen November 6, 2012. Can’t blame Bush, Obama.  This is all on your watch.

Why Obama Will Lose in a Landslide Click Here

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Obama’s Middle-Class Promise Gap

Obama sure does have a middle class promise gap. The middle-class has suffered long enough. Your time is up Obama, November 6, 2012

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