Isaiah 40:29

29 He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.

Ebola Has Arrived In New York City: Hatchet Man Attacks NYC Officers.

Can someone please show leadership in America because the POTUS is vacant as usual.

Ebola hits NYC: Doctor gets virus, fiancee and 2 friends quarantined

NYC Ebola Patient Is Ninth Case In America. Here’s What Happened To The Other Eight

Apparent Muslim Suspect Viciously Attacks NYC Officers With a Hatchet; Possible Ties to Radical Islam Revealed


NHL Penguins-Flyers Game Sing “O Canada,” Solidarity With Canadians.

Terrorism has no boundaries.  Americans stand strong with heartfelt sympathy with all Canadians.

Ottawa shootings: Canada not intimidated says PM Harper Click Here

Ottawa gunman is convert to Islam Click Here

Terrorist Ends Canada’s Innocence Click Here


Ottawa Parliament Hill Attack: War Memorial Shooting, Soldier Dies, Gunman Killed.

Here’s Everything We Know About Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Gunman Identified in the Canada Shooting Click Here

EXCLUSIVE: Canada’s domestic terror threat quietly elevated days before attack Click Here

NFL Eagles’ Team Photo 2014 Displayed at Philadelphia Art Museum.

Pretty cool.

Bucks County Dance Center Destroyed by Fire.

This was my dearest friend Rex’s business.  I have taken excellent professional classes there since 1984.

I awoke to this Monday on the 6 am local news.

I spoke to a friend at my gym this Wednesday morning out of the blue about the fire.  I am still so troubled as my heart aches.

She told me she also saw it on the local news that morning.  So, it has driven me to write this post.

What a terrible loss to the community.

Whatever you decide to do Rex, I am praying for you.

Peace, Love and many blessing from above.

Video: Bucks County Dance Center students gather after fire

Officials say Bensalem dance studio fire was arson


Black Sunday In Philly: NFL Philadelphia Eagles Shut Out New York Giants 27-0.

Foles and Shady resurfaced. 5-1 going into bye week doesn’t look that bad.

Keep those Black Uniforms handy. The road to Superbowl 2015 keeps getting closer.

Fly Eagles Fly.

Eagles respond to Giants’ trash talk with historic shutout (CSNphilly.com)

The Bizarre Reason Why The Philadelphia Eagles Have Not Worn Green Jerseys This Year (Business Insider.com)

Take your pointer over the below photo to view.

Sunday Night Football Bus, Comcast Center, Eagles Vs Giants.

I was viewing the 11am NBC local news when I saw that the bus was at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia.  I alerted my son who is a die-hard Eagles fan as his Mother.  He works right across the street from Comcast.  He went down at lunch and look what was sent to me.

I do share only to Eagles fans.

Maybe in 2015, the Birds will have a parade down Broad Street and win the Super Bowl February 2? Celebration anyone?

Hear that Coach Kelly, Eagle’s players?






Filthadelphia CENSORED.

I read some NY fan made this video.  Philly fans are portrayed  as negative or hostile to other teams fans.

The New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles will meet on Sunday Night Football this week.  Somewhat early this season to  I have to wait through all the games on Sunday for my Birds to play then stay awake.

That is Ok.  Bring on the G Men to South Broad Street.

Eagles to wear all black uniforms Sunday vs. Giants

Tony Bennett Sings Own Lyrics To ‘God Bless America,’ 2014 NLDS.

Only because he can at 88 years young.

The Nationals won.  Maybe they should take Tony on the road with them.

Lyrics to God Bless America

Heartfelt Devon Still’s Tears, Tribute To Young Daughter Leah, Who is Battling Cancer.

God has brought this family together in prayer for their daughter Leah along with the fans of the NFL.

Still’s stated,

I was surprised,” Still said. “We came here to play a football game with an opposing team, and I didn’t expect them to show the support that they did today. It was amazing what they did today. It shows the fight is more than about football.”

Devon Still appreciative of Patriots’ gesture, Robert Kraft’s donation

Instagram Man of  Still75 Click Here






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